How do I join US Spyder Ryders - Upstate Touring & Ryding Chapter?

Joining is simple.  Just fill out a Membership Application & Acceptance Form which can be found on our website.  You will also need to complete and sign a “Trial Member Waiver” form individually for the ryder AND the passenger (if any).  Bring forms to a meeting, ryde or to any Board member at any time.  This will automatically enroll you in our “Trial Membership” program.

What is the “Trial Membership”?

Our Trial Membership is designed to give new applicants an opportunity to participate in all rydes, meetings and other functions without any cost or commitment. Trial Members, however, have no voting rights.  Through this they can see if we are a “good fit” for them and determine if they really want to get involved.  The Trial Membership requirements are simply to attend a minimum of 2 chapter meetings, and participate in at least 4 rydes in a period of 4 months.  The program is explained in detail in the Chapter By-Laws.  Upon completion of these two membership requirements, the Board of Directors will decide if they feel the applicant is a good candidate and would be an asset to the Chapter.  If so approved by the Board, the Application for Membership will be put to a vote by the membership-at-large at the next regular chapter meeting.  Voting is done by written, anonymous ballot.  Results of this vote are effective immediately.

Any Member or Trial Member is welcome to bring a guest to participate in a ryde or other event up to 3 times at year.  They will be required to sign a Ryde Waiver, (if actually coming on a ryde), and abide by the same rules as members and trial members.

How much does a membership cost?

We have 2 types of memberships.  Dual Memberships are for married couples or “significant others.”  The cost for a Dual Membership is $36.00 per membership year.  We also have Single Membership for people who ryde without a regular passenger.  Single Membership annual dues are $24.00 per membership year.

What is the Membership Year?

The Membership Year begins the month the applicant is voted into the chapter by the membership and is in effect for 12 months.  Memberships are automatically renewed with the payment of the following year dues.


SANCTIONED RYDES are really only of concern to Trial Members.  They are part of the qualification process to become a full member of the chapter.  While the 3 regularly scheduled rydes we go on each month are automatically “sanctioned”, ANY ryde where 2 or more Officers or Board members are participating can be designated as “sanctioned” on the spot.

What is the Ryde Waiver?

The Ryde Waiver is simply a document signed by all Trial Members, members and any guests which basically states that the individual understands that our sport can be inherently dangerous and that, in the event of an accident or other incident, they “hold harmless” the Chapter, its Officers, Board members and members of any liability to their person or property.  Each individual, regardless of whether they are a ryder or passenger, is required to sign this document.