About Us

US Spyder Ryders  

Upstate Touring & Ryding Chapter 

Formed in February, 2016, the Upstate Touring & Ryding Chapter – US Spyder Ryders is simply a friendly group of folks who love to ryde and enjoy one another’s company.  Fun, safety and promoting a positive image of motorcycling to the general public are our primary objectives.  

While primarily engaged in touring type ryding, we ryde a great deal.  We have at least 3 “sanctioned rydes” per month on the 1st& 3rd Saturdays, and the 3rd Sunday, generally after church.  The simple fact is, however, that we ryde nearly every weekend, weather permitting.  We occasionally go on weekday rydes as well.  We call these unscheduled and unplanned rydes, “Impromptu Rydes”.  They are typically posted on our facebook page just a day or two before the ryde.  Typical day rydes for us range from 200 to 300 miles or more.  We also try to plan 1 overnight ryde each quarter.  

We have members who have hundreds of thousands of miles of ryding experience, and others who are new to the sport. We consider it one of our responsibilities to help educate novice ryders. Some of our members’ ryde upwards of 15,000 miles per year. 

 While most of us ryde Can Am Spyders, we welcome  all street legal motorcycles.  We have always been a “member driven” group, wanting ideas and suggestions from the membership as to rydes, social activities, events and charitable causes to support.


Come see for yourself.  We offer a FREE Trial Membership program.  Simply contact any Board Member, show up for a meeting or ryde posted on Facebook.

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